The kettlebell snatch is a single arm exercise coordination and timing. I use a smaller ‘bell for this exercise because personally I like my wrists! This exercise is similar to a single arm swing, but at the top you’re going to punch through which will change the momentum of the kettlebell and it will swing over the top of your hand. It will finish resting on your forearm.


August 29, 2011

Paul LaDuke, MSS, CSCS, ATC, USAW Level I is the author over at Promote The Profession. He is promoting the athletic training profession of course! He has written quite a few good articles over the last few months, but I liked tonight’s. I’m just going to post the link and you can check it out for yourself!


Athletic Trainers are “A Few Good Men”


Soccer Injuries in Female Youth Players: Comparison of Injury Surveillance by Certified Athletic Trainers and Internet. Melissa A. Schiff,MD,MPH; Christopher D. Mack,MS ; Nayak L. Polissar,PhD; Marni R. Levy; Sara P. Dow,MD; John W. O’Kane,MD

Check back later this week..

Quote of the Week 7

August 28, 2011

People know you for what you’ve done, not for what you plan to do.  ~Author Unknown


I find this quote interesting. I do believe it, however I think most people will realize we don’t follow it here very well! How often do politicians promise things that never come true? 😉

Here is a brief overview of the article out of the newest Journal of Athletic Training. I suggest you take a chance to read the entire article. It’s free to NATA members!

Frommer LJ, Gurka KK, Cross KM, Ingersoll CD, Comstock RD, Saliba SA. Journal of Athletic Training. Sex Differences in Concussion Symptoms of High School Athletes. 2011; 46(1):76-84.

An estimated 1.6-3.8 million sport-related concussions are reported each year with about 21% of those being high school athletes. The occurrence of injury in female athletes has continued to rise with the increase in sports participation and females have a higher incidence rate than males of sport-related concussions.

Research has shown that females may respond to concussions differently than males. Females tended to fare worse than male counterparts leading to longer hospitalizations, longer disability, and higher mortality rates. Females also require greater monitoring and more aggressive treatment due to symptoms not aligning with Glascow Coma Scale. Read the rest of this entry »

Friday Night Chill

August 26, 2011

Friday nights are a big deal in the United States during the fall. Beginning tonight throughout Illinois, the lights come on and small communities flock to the local high school. Friday nights mean one thing: High School Football. Others may not feel the same way I do, but Friday night is a special time for me. Tonight I will step onto the football field for the first time as a Certified Athletic Trainer. It will also be the first time I have to root against my alma mater as I’ll be standing on the opposite sideline from many of my high school coaches.

Friday nights bring excitement and anxiety for many involved. It’s not just a football game, but it brings whole communities together. The team, the cheerleaders, and the band are all involved to make Friday night so exciting. I think this video by Kenny Chesney sums it up pretty well…

Top 5: The Runner

August 26, 2011

This population is another one that struggles to understand the importance of resistance training. All they want to do is run, run, and run some more! No wonder their bodies break down so easily when all they do is run!

1) Goblet Squats

2) Lunges

3) TRX Pendulums

4) Planks

5) Monster Walks

I placed this exercise into my warm up rather than the main part of the workout. It’s crucial and I think it needs to be done each day. I believe this is an excellent exercise to add to your warm up because it gets your glutes active and ties your trunk into your lower extremities so that everything can work together. Read the rest of this entry »

Going to Rehab

August 22, 2011

This blog has slowly developed more into an Athletic Training blog than the fitness blog I had originally intended. I’m fine with that and it will continue to evolve. This newest feature which will launch this Thursday is called “Going to Rehab.” It will be a weekly series talking about everything and anything Athletic Training.


And for a little fun to kick it off…


Frommer LJ, Gurka KK, Cross KM, Ingersoll CD, Comstock RD, Saliba SA. Journal of Athletic Training. Sex Differences in Concussion Symptoms of High School Athletes. 2011; 46(1):76-84.


My summary and conclusions will be posted on Saturday..

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