Training on Game Day

April 6, 2014

My friend Brandon contacted me on Facebook the other night. Brandon is an athletic director at a high school on the east coast. He had some concerns with weight training and athletes. It seems his coaches and teachers are in selfish mode and unfortunately student-athletes are caught up in the middle of this. He was asking my thoughts about training on game-days, etc. What ensued was a lengthy discussion, but I think (and hope) that the discussion will be of us to others as well. Read the rest of this entry »

Who I am and What I do

February 28, 2014

People call me crazy (I am). People call me nuts (I am). People ask me all the time why I do what I do? Each day I have an opportunity to educate. Educate a healthcare provider about what an Athletic Trainer is. Educate a parent or a student-athlete about their injury. Educate the public about concussions. Hopefully each day I take that opportunity to educate with a positive attitude. I am an Athletic Trainer. It’s what I am passionate about. I love to spread the word. I hope your student-athlete never needs me on their darkest day, but know that if that shall come, I’ll be there. I’ll be there to manage the injury from start to finish. Because that’s what Athletic Trainers do. Each and Every Day.

Every Athlete Deserves an Athletic Trainer. #AT4ALL

What Do You Think About?

February 17, 2014

When you go to bed at night, what do you think about? What keeps you up at night? Do you think about what you did that day? Or maybe you think about what is coming the next day? Maybe it’s thinking about where the money for that bill comes from? Read the rest of this entry »

Passion and Plan

February 6, 2014

Last month, on a recommendation from my friend Kristi Messina, I ordered Jon Acuff’s book Quitter: Closing the Gap Between Your Day Job and Your Dream Job. Unfortunately it has taken me longer to read this book than I originally thought. When I first started it, I was reading 20-30 pages at a time. But with everything else going on too, that dropped off. But tonight I picked the book up again and read a topic that I want to talk about right away.. Read the rest of this entry »

What are you doing TODAY?

January 29, 2014

There is no “someday” on the calendar. It simply does not exist. So don’t pretend that “someday I’ll improve this profession.” Or “someday I’ll make a difference for these kids.” Think about TODAY. How are YOU making TODAY better? Because I’ve got news for you. If we don’t improve our profession today, it may not be here tomorrow. Read the rest of this entry »

#ATTalk Tweet Chat

January 23, 2014

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A common debate among athletic trainers is that of dress code. There are those who are very casual and believe that jeans or athletic apparel is acceptable for work and then there are others who believe that athletic trainers should dress in dress slacks and button-up shirts on a regular basis. I believe most would agree that some form of “professional attire” is important. But the million-dollar question is What is “professional attire” in athletic training?

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Professional education is something that is ever-evolving and if a profession does not keep up, it is likely to be left behind. With that in mind, a taskforce was tasked with providing information regarding a potential move from the bachelors level to a masters level degree program as the “entry level” into Athletic Training. This group has no authoritative standing, however its recommendations can be beneficial for the profession and the related organizations who do have that power.

You can read the document here:

Let me come right out and say it. When I began this discussion and began reading this document, I was against making the move to an Entry-Level Masters (ELM). I can’t say that my opinion has changed, but I do have a better understanding of the idea to move to an ELM is coming from and some of it does make sense to me. Continued work is definitely needed and thankfully this is not a move that will be made overnight.

This blog I am going to highlight a few points that I found to be important in this document and will provide brief commentary to go along with those points. In future blog articles in the coming days and weeks, I plan to expand on some topics and also share my vision of where our profession needs to head. Definitely check out my first post if you haven’t seen it already! Read the rest of this entry »

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2013 in Review on the Blog

December 27, 2013

Here we are closing in all on the end of the 2013 year! Can you believe it’s here already? As we prepare to look forward to 2014, I’m going to take a couple of minutes to look back at 2013 here at Athletic Training and Fitness. Read the rest of this entry »


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