Take One Minute

February 6, 2016

Take One Minute. 60 seconds. It’s not long. But in that 60 seconds you can watch the story of how a young athlete’s life was saved. 60 seconds is very important in this story, because 60 seconds is longer than the time it took for Claire Crawford to collapse on the ClaireVBSCAvolleyball court, the Athletic Trainer and staff to respond, and for CPR to be initiated. Can you believe all of that happened in 56 seconds?

A few years ago when the Dallas Stars’ Richard Peverly collapsed on the bench, it was reported that he was attended to in 14 seconds. Very impressive! But we must remember that the National Hockey League mandates many emergency procedures be put into place long before the players ever touch the ice. So for high school in Georgia to respond to a cardiac event in less than a minute, that is very impressive. And that is something I love to read about!

Take One Minute. And watch this video. In this video, you will see Claire Crawford effectively die. And then you’ll see her be brought back to life! Why? Because her school had a Certified Athletic Trainer onsite. Because her school had an Automated External Defibrillator onsite. Because her school had its staff trained in emergency procedures. Without these things, Claire would not be alive today. Without those things, her parents would have watched their daughter die on that volleyball court that night at the age of 17.

Take One Minute. It will change your life.

One Minute To Save Claire’s Life

Every Athlete Deserves an Athletic Trainer.

One Response to “Take One Minute”

  1. clshirk Says:

    Great blog. I had a similar experience 2 months ago. An older Coach watching a basketball game went into cardiac arrest and 2 paramedics in the stands and I were performing cpr within 38 seconds. He was not in v-tac or v-fib so the aed never shocked him, but we performed cpr for 10 minutes before ems arrived, and it continued until he was stabilized at the ER. Had we not been present or he had not been at the school that night, he would not be alive today.

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