What Does #AT4ALL Mean?

November 13, 2014

Simple question, but is there is a simple answer? Occasionally I get asked this question. What does #AT4ALL mean? To so many people, it can mean so many different things. I recently asked this question on Twitter and as of this writing, I only had one reply. And her reply was different than mine. Her reply was on a more global picture than my definition.
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Athletic Trainers are skilled healthcare providers who are often able to determine severity of injury. They can determine the need for emergent or urgent care or if an injury can wait. Parents should be asking if their son or daughter’s school has a Certified Athletic Trainer. If not, the question should be: Why not? #AT4ALL

We know severe injuries happen on the battle field so we put combat medics in the field to treat those injuries. We know horrific crashes occur in NASCAR so we put EMTs and firefighters inside of the track. We know injuries happen in youth sports… so we say “go see your doctor in 2-3 days.” Yep… It all makes sense to me! #AT4ALL

Join me this afternoon on the HSBBWeb Radio Show. We’ll be talking baseball injuries, rehabilitation, and strength and conditioning. You can also expect some other related topics to be brought up as well.

You can listen in here. We’ll start around 3PM Central time..

  1. Concussion education and concussion management must begin as early as collision sports begin.
  2. A major factor in orthopedic injury is previous injury.
  3. Emergencies occur at the youth level too!
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Leading youth sports safety expert, Kevin Guskiewicz, PhD, ATC, explains how a certified athletic trainer (AT) is the “quarterback” of a school’s sports medicine team, and how it is important for parents and athletic booster clubs to not only advocate in favor of hiring an AT if the school does not have one, but, in these tough economic times, even raise funds to defray the cost of adding an AT to the school’s athletic staff.  Guskiewewicz predicts that the percentage of U.S. high schools that have an athletic trainer will increase above 50% in the coming years, in part as a by-product of the passage of concussion safety laws in a growing number of states.

Read more: http://www.momsteam.com/certified-athletic-trainer/number-athletic-trainers-likely-rise-predicts-youth-sports-safety-expert-Guskiewicz#ixzz26JDZumCP

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