Tonight everybody is talking about Kevin Ware from the Louisville Cardinals after a gruesome injury ended his season tonight on national television. If you missed it, you can easily find pictures and videos online if you so desire. He suffered a compound fracture of both his tibia and fibula which required surgery to repair. But it is important to highlight the care he received immediately following the injury and recognize the importance of the Sports Medicine Team and the Emergency Action Plan that was put into action. Read the rest of this entry »

Making its second appearance on the blog, I’m bringing back “Going to Rehab.” This will allow me to talk about anything sports medicine (as if I don’t anyway!). These are more issues that I see in athletic training and how it pertains to everyday athletic healthcare.

Prior to exercise, prior to sports participation, and prior to many different physical activities a physical examination by a physician is often required. There are many parts to a physical exam it will vary by the activity and age, etc. So what is so important about the physical examination and how can this help the athlete? Read the rest of this entry »

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