Unfortunately, NOT ENOUGH. None of us are. We must do better. Whether we are a coach, an athletic trainer, a parent, or an athlete. We all must do better. Too many of these injuries are occurring and too many of them can be prevented. But they aren’t. They are occurring daily. Female athletes suffer more ACL injuries than their male counterparts and the numbers are alarming. Even more alarming is the fact that those who tear their ACL are at a much higher risk of either re-tearing that same ACL or tearing the ACL in the opposite knee.

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Deceleration in Sport

April 21, 2013

Most often when people talk about preparing for a sport, they all look at numbers. How fast can I run? How much weight can I lift? How hard do I throw the ball? Those are all valid questions when we’re talking about sports performance. They are important to note if you are being scouted to play in college or professionally. But a common thing I see left out of training is: how do we stop? Read the rest of this entry »

This week’sExercise of the Weekcomes from Fitness Quest 10 in San Diego. We’re going to work on strengthening the ankles and work on the foundation for our workouts…

Check out her blog at http://injuryfreefemaleathletes.wordpress.com/

I found this video on YouTube and although it’s a couple of years old, I think it is important for us to be thinking about and understand. ACL injuries in female athletes have a large presence in high school and youth sports. Check out this video… Read the rest of this entry »

Spring Training is about to begin. Pitchers and catchers are beginning to report to the spring training locations and baseball will be back here very soon! In honor of that, I am reposting this article that I wrote in college as a part of a research project…. Read the rest of this entry »

Strength and Conditioning

September 26, 2011

Many people have their thoughts of the job of the strength and conditioning coach. Most people think it is to simply make an athlete stronger, faster, and a better athlete. What most people don’t realize is there is much more involved than that. In fact, I’d even say that those three things are not priorities with most strength and conditioning specialists. Read the rest of this entry »

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