What Does #AT4ALL Mean?

November 13, 2014

Simple question, but is there is a simple answer? Occasionally I get asked this question. What does #AT4ALL mean? To so many people, it can mean so many different things. I recently asked this question on Twitter and as of this writing, I only had one reply. And her reply was different than mine. Her reply was on a more global picture than my definition.
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I consider sports medicine to be very much a team activity and to provide superior sports medicine, there must be a team of professionals in place to make it happen. In this post, I will address those professionals that I consider crucial for a high school sports medicine team. I will post both the “ideal roles” as well as more realistic roles.

I’m biased, but this is the most important professional in the sports medicine team. The athletic trainer is the central figure with responsibilities in every facet of sports medicine. Every high school should have at least one athletic trainer if not a team of athletic trainers. The athletic trainers are responsible for six domains of athletic training. Read the rest of this entry »

The Hidden Injury: A Concussion Series


For more information about this series, go here!

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