Big Hits Broken Dreams

February 7, 2012

This video was originally aired on January 29, 2012 on CNN. It has found its way onto Youtube.. I thought this was an excellent video and really enjoyed it! Now we need to spread it around and get it viewed by as many people as possible. There seems to be a minor glitch that causes the audio to not work for a minute or so, but otherwise it is great!


Big Hits; Broken Dreams

January 27, 2012

CNN Reports: Big Hits, Broken Dreams.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a practicing neurosurgeon and most well-known for his reporting on CNN will be hosting a one hour special on concussions this Sunday at 8pm EST. Please tune in as he follows a high school team in North Carolina throughout the 2011 football season. Below is the trailer…

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