Unfortunately, NOT ENOUGH. None of us are. We must do better. Whether we are a coach, an athletic trainer, a parent, or an athlete. We all must do better. Too many of these injuries are occurring and too many of them can be prevented. But they aren’t. They are occurring daily. Female athletes suffer more ACL injuries than their male counterparts and the numbers are alarming. Even more alarming is the fact that those who tear their ACL are at a much higher risk of either re-tearing that same ACL or tearing the ACL in the opposite knee.

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This is just a remarkable story. I caught this last night on ESPN and knew I had to share. Congratulations to Bree for achieving her goals regardless of the obstacles put in front of her.

I received an email from our high school nurse yesterday about a segment on Rock Center on MSNBC for last night. This segment was telling the story of a few high school girls in Pennsylvania and the struggles they have had dealing with concussions and post-concussion syndrome. I have linked to the video below and then I have included my thoughts which I had sent back to her and to our girls’ soccer coaches. Read the rest of this entry »

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