Sunday HIIT

January 8, 2012

My new Sunday workout is High Intensity Interval Training. This week’s wasn’t quite the same HIIT that I am used to, but it was a pretty good workout nonetheless. I found this workout on the CrossFit Metroeast blog as one of their Workouts of the Day earlier this week.

5 rounds of the following:

  • 5 Dumbbell Deadlifts
  • 5 Dumbbell Hang Cleans
  • 5 Dumbbell Push Presses
  • 5 Dumbbell Squats

You do five repititions of each exercise and then move straight to the next one without setting the weight down. The goal is to increase the load each round. I didn’t quite pull that off, but it’s okay. This workout is harder than it looks. I started out with 20 pound dumbbells for the first round and increased to 25 pounders for the middle three rounds. The last round I used 30 pound dumbbells.



Week 4 is here already! I think this one may be one of the more basic exercises for me to highlight, but it’s another good one for athletes and general exercisers alike. As I have mentioned in the past, I am not an advocate of selectorized weight machines. This may, at times, make it a little more difficult for me to post about exercises that everybody can do. Frankly, I don’t feel like there are too many exercises that must only be set aside for the athletes, but sometimes my ideas don’t always work out the greatest. Read the rest of this entry »

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