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The National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) is calling for a “time out” for emergencies as the fall sports seasons prepare to kick off. The NATA is recommending a meeting be held prior to athletic participation by healthcare providers to ensure proper safety procedures are in place and so the providers are coordinated for any emergencies that may occur.
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Last August Paul LaDuke, an Athletic Trainer and a colleague of mine from Pennsylvania, posted on his blog about the importance of relationships in athletic training. I always knew that was important, but I never truly realized it until recently. As a young professional, I am always trying to improve my professional life from many standpoints. One consideration was going back to graduate school and becoming a graduate assistant athletic trainer. I had a couple of offers and opportunities that would have put me into Division I athletics which would have been awesome. But for a variety of reasons, I have elected not to do so and as I was trying to make my decision that word kept coming back to me: Relationships.

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March is…

March 19, 2012

March is National Athletic Training Month and this year the National Athletic Trainers’ Association is celebrating it with the theme “Athletic Trainers Save Lives.” I believe this is a great theme because athletic trainers are healthcare providers often responsible for potential life threatening injuries on the athletic fields and off! But athletic trainers are so much more than just emergency personnel.

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