52 DC Finish Line

September 30, 2011

So this was not my best challenge by any means. I’m disappointed in how things ended up, but I guess sometimes you reach for the stars and only make it to the moon. I set my kettlebell goal too high this time around and should have kept it at 2,000 like I did for the summer challenge. Over the last few weeks, I have gotten tired of my workouts and I really need to do something to change that. I have not seen much in the way of improvement in the weights I’ve been doing and I just haven’t been excited about working out lately. I’ve fallen off the wagon and will need to change that.

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52 DC Update

September 7, 2011

update the readers on the challenge. How are the goals? How’s the workout?

Fall 52 Day Challenge

August 6, 2011

Ready or not, it’s almost that time again! Back to the grind of the 52 Day Challenge! I need these things to keep me moving and I hope to kick butt on this one once again! Time to improve myself and get somewhere. Goals are listed below…

CE: 96
RT: 18
CT: 14
PG1 (KB Swings): 2500
PG2 (Steps Walked): 200000
PG3 (New Exercises): 10
PG4 (Blog Posts): 25

CE–> Clean eats. This is broken up into half-days. There are a total of 104 possible. My goal is to eat healthy for 96 of these 104 opportunities.

RT–> Resistance Training sessions. My goal of 18 is relatively low, but I want to leave some wiggle room. On the last challenge I got 30 and my workout plan has me hitting MANY more than just 18. The rules are, however, that you can increase your goals as we go along, but you can’t decrease them!

CT–> Cardiovascular Training sessions. My goal of 14 is also relatively low, but that’s okay. I may see an increase in the number of these workouts over what I currently have planned. I’ll let this happen as it may…

Personal Goals:

PG1 Kettlebell Swings: My goal is to do 2500 kettlebell swings over the course of the 52 days. In the last challenge I did almost 2200 of these so I think getting to 2500 is definitely possible!

PG2 Steps Walked: I’m wearing a pedometer at work and for this challenge will only count steps when I’m at work.  Later I may start wearing the pedometer when I workout, but not now. I’ve had days at work where I walked 3,000 steps and other days where I walk 15,000 steps.

PG3 New Exercises: I’m always trying to add new things to my workout programs. I am undecided on my 10 exercises, but that’s the goal again this challenge. I want to add 10 more to the program.

PG4 Blog Posts: My goal is to post 25 times over the course of this challenge. That’s basically every other day for me. This should be another easy goal for me since I have four posts planned each week already. Check back for the excitement each week!


I’ll post my new program later this weekend…

52 DC Recap

July 24, 2011

I originally started this blog in order to blog about the 52 Day Challenge that takes place on the Men’s Health forums. I have participated
in 3 or 4 of these challenges over the last couple of years, but have struggled to dedicate myself properly. I’m working on it and this challenge was better, but still a long way to go!

My goals for this challenge were:

88 Clean Eats (out of a possible 104)

30 Resistance Training sessions

20 Cardio Training sessions

2000 kettlebell swings

1000 squats

10 new exercises

17 CrossFit workouts

Losing 5% of my body weight

Here are my numbers at the end of the 52 days:

CE: 97/104/88 (110.23%)
RT: 30/30 (100%)
CT: 26/20 (130%)
PG1 (Kettlebell Swings): 2271/2000 (113.55%)
PG2 (Squats): 1135/1000 (113.5%)
PG3 (Learning New Exercises): 12/10 (120%)
PG4 (CrossFit Workouts): 18/17 (105.88%)
PG5 (5% Weight Loss): 1.1/9 (12.22%)

I should have been able to do a lot more kettlebell swings than that, but a wrist injury stopped me for several days. It probably had something to do with having done like 1500 swings in a week… I learned several new exercises during this challenge and they will all help me down the road.

For the next challenge, I need to focus on improving my eating and re-defining “clean eats.”

The next challenge begins August 10th!

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