NATA 2015– What’s Your Reason

June 21, 2015

This week the NATA’s national convention will be in St. Louis. I will head there on Tuesday and this will be my third time attending the national convention, second time in St. Louis. That’s not bad considering this is my 5th year in the profession. 3 of 5 isn’t terrible! But, why do people attend convention?

I think this is an important question and it’s something members should answer before they arrive. Are they going to network? Are they going there looking for a job? Are they going to learn? Maybe they want to see the newest and greatest products in the exhibit hall? Hopefully they are able to accomplish the reason they want to be there and hopefully they are able to accomplish some of the other stuff too. Since this professional conference allows you to gain valuable CEUs, I certainly hope Athletic Trainers take the opportunity to learn some new things that they can apply clinically!

Last year I had one goal at the very top of my priority list for Indy 2014. That was to find myself a new job and make a major change in my career. The outcome was delayed by a couple of weeks, but I know that had I not gone to Indianapolis last year, I wouldn’t be in Dallas today. This year I don’t have to go to convention with the goal of finding a job because I’ve found one that I love. Instead, I get to head for St. Louis to learn. Hopefully learn some new techniques maybe. Learn about some new products. But also meet up with some old friends and hopefully make some new ones in our great profession.

Regardless of your reason for heading for St. Louis, I hope you enjoy the Gateway to The West! And Let’s Go Cardinals!

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