15 Reasons to Hire an Athletic Trainer

January 1, 2015

Sticking with the seemingly regular trend as we roll into 2015, I’m going to give you 15 reasons your school should hire an Athletic Trainer in the New Year…

  1. Athletic Trainers are allied healthcare professionals specifically trained to handle athletic injuries.
  2. Athletic Trainers are leaders in concussion management.
  3. Athletic Trainers are trained in CPR and use of an AED.
  4. Athletic Trainers work in collaboration with other members of the Sports Medicine Team to provide excellent Athletic Healthcare.
  5. 49 of 50 states and Washington DC regulate Athletic Trainers as healthcare providers.
  6. Athletic Trainers are nationally certified by the Board of Certification.
  7. Athletic Trainers want to work to PREVENT injuries before they occur.
  8. Athletic Trainers manage injuries as minor as contusions and as serious as C-spine fractures.
  9. Athletic Trainers are continually learning new things about health and rehabilitation.
  10. Athletic Trainers work with athletes from a variety of sports from cross country and dance to hockey and football.
  11. Athletic Trainers care about the athlete as a whole person.
  12. Athletic Trainers are at the forefront of emergency action planning for sports emergencies.
  13. Athletic Trainers help to educate athletes and their parents on the risks of sports participation.
  14. Athletic Trainers are constantly observing athletes for injury on the field.
  15. Athletic Trainers Save Lives!

Does your school have an Athletic Trainer? If not, 2015 is the time to get one!

Every Athlete Deserves an Athletic Trainer

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