What Do You Think About?

February 17, 2014

When you go to bed at night, what do you think about? What keeps you up at night? Do you think about what you did that day? Or maybe you think about what is coming the next day? Maybe it’s thinking about where the money for that bill comes from?

Very seldom do I worry about my bills. I’ll get them paid somehow I guess. Eventually.

I lay awake at night thinking about all my athletes. How could I have treated this better? What step should I take with this one? If something significant happened that day, I think about it. Did I take the proper steps, did I execute the emergency action plan correctly?

One thing I hope I never have to lay awake thinking about is if one of my athletes were to die. Especially if I wasn’t there. If I knew one of my athletes suffered significant injury or fatality and there wasn’t proper medical coverage onsite it would tear me up inside. And unfortunately that risk is very real. Many athletic fatalities are preventable. Many of them are savable. Simply having proper medical coverage and a proper EAP with proper emergency equipment is just that important.

Each night when I climb in bed, I start thinking about everything that went on that day. And I think about what would happen in this situation or that situation. I play out scenarios in my head many nights.

Why do I do it? Because I’m obsessed. Because I’m passionate about what I do. I want what’s best for my athletes every single day. I want to be there when they need it most. Isn’t that what our profession is all about?


One Response to “What Do You Think About?”

  1. mdgatc Says:

    I definitely used to be this way! I have learned to somewhat compartmentalize work compared to life. I was watching my wife bring home a lot of frustration/concern at work home and I didn’t want to bring it home. I have learned to evaluate my actions at the time, to hopefully correct or say what I did well in the situation. But believe me, I still think of and am researching ways to get better.

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