What are you doing TODAY?

January 29, 2014

There is no “someday” on the calendar. It simply does not exist. So don’t pretend that “someday I’ll improve this profession.” Or “someday I’ll make a difference for these kids.” Think about TODAY. How are YOU making TODAY better? Because I’ve got news for you. If we don’t improve our profession today, it may not be here tomorrow.

There are many football people who would say that football is “under attack.” Honestly, rightfully so. Rightfully so should be football be targeted as concern relating to long-term injury effects. And I’m not only talking about concussions. Let’s talk about obesity, let’s talk about serious musculoskeletal injuries, let’s talk about paralysis. But we can also talk about many of those same things in the context of many other sports too. Soccer is big into concussions and ACL injuries. Hockey is big into concussions and spinal injuries. Wrestling is plagued with skin disease and eating disorders. So where does it stop?

The point of the previous paragraph is to point out that ALL sports have risks. As athletic trainers, hopefully we understand that. But if we don’t work to curb some of those risks, our jobs may be on the line as schools begin to cut these sports. At some point, there has to be a breaking point, doesn’t there?

So what are you doing TODAY to improve this profession? Are you complaining about pay? Or are you one accepting the low-paying jobs or the volunteer positions? Are you complaining about the long hours? Or are you remembering that we cannot schedule an injury?

I have no suggestions for you on how you can make a difference. It’s important that you figure that out. How can you improve your job each day? How can you join the NATA and the local associations to improve the profession as a whole?

Think about it and work to make “someday” TODAY that you take action.


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