USF On-Campus Class Segment 2

June 10, 2013

And athletic training sends me on another adventure. This time Tampa, FL for a week of learning. I believe that makes 8 states I’ve been to involved in athletic training. This week I spent my days sitting in class with 9 classmates through the University of South Florida’s Masters in Medical Sciences program. We had some very impressive names come talk to us and I definitely believe it has been a very valuable week for me! I will write several blogs that will discuss the various topics and activities during the week.

Day 2 of class was started with Dr. Micki Cuppett. Dr. Cuppett was one of our professors during the spring semester and is the former program director for USF’s undergraduate athletic training program (ATEP). She has recently taken on the role of Executive Director for the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE). It was a great pleasure to hear her speak about where she sees the profession headed. One thing I took from her talk was that the Entry-Level Masters is coming. She told us she expects the universities and the market to make this change for them rather than the CAATE mandating it. It has taken me awhile, but I’m starting to lean toward going in that direction. But we must do it correctly. I’ll address that in another blog later. She also talked about the differences in the various organizations and their roles in athletic training. At one time, everything was underneath the umbrella of the NATA but now the BOC and CAATE are both separate entities. To wrap up the morning, Dr. Lopez talked about appraising research. In the afternoon session, we started off with Dr. Steve Zinder. Dr. Zinder is the new program director for the undergraduate program at USF and is an ankle researcher. His talk centered around using the research clinically. It’s important that we as clinicians understand what evidence-based medicine is and how to use it. I think Dr. Zinder did a good job of explaining that. You always have to be asking the question: WHY?

Our afternoon finished off with Dr. Klasko who is the Dean of the College of Medicine and the CEO of USF Health. It was a big deal that he was able to come speak to us. He talked about the future of healthcare. He said he tries to model after Steve Jobs who made Apple big. In order to do that, Jobs had to do things 10 years in advance otherwise it’d be old news. The ipod was several years before its time and it secured Apple a large chunk of the market because it was bold. USF Health has the CAMLS facility which includes a lot of technology and simulators. Dr. Klasko said they have teams come in from across the country to test their skills in that center. It was also allows USF Health physicians to practice their skills.

Tuesday night we had a social event at the Tampa Bay Yankees game. This stadium is home to the New York Yankees during spring training so this Class A team doesn’t have a chance to try selling it out! Ironic thing is they happened to be playing the Palm Beach Cardinals that night so us Cardinal fans were right at home! We had a nice suite and we got to just hang out. It was great to hang out with our classmates and professors in that environment.

Day 3 we would put the leadership and lectures aside. We started the morning in the Center for Advanced Clinical Learning (CACL). In this facility, they have iStan which is a high-fidelity simulator. They can program in various scenarios. We split into 2 groups and each ran a scenario which was video-taped. After both groups went, we gathered together to watch the videos and discussed the good and bad things. I can’t say that either group was all that pleased with our results. Frankly, I was embarrassed and I think some of my classmates were as well. I won’t go into specifics, but again embarrassing. Hopefully we all learned a good lesson and won’t make those mistakes if the scenarios ever come up for real! After lunch, we spent more clinical time. This time, we were learning myofascial joint mobilizations from Ian Graulich. Ian works for the USF SMART Institute as an athletic trainer. We’ll see if I can remember and utilize some of the skills he taught.

Lastly, we finished out Wednesday with a PEDro activity. This is analyzing and appraising research. We had articles we had to appraise and then we met in groups to discuss. It was interesting hearing different people interpret things differently.

Check back for Part 3 soon.


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