USF On-Campus Trip Segment 1

June 9, 2013

And athletic training sends me on another adventure. This time Tampa, FL for a week of learning. I believe that makes 8 states I’ve been due involved in athletic training. This week I spent my days sitting in class with 9 classmates through the University of South Florida’s Masters in Medical Sciences program. We had some very impressive names come talk to us and I definitely believe it has been a very valuable week for me! I will write several blogs that will discuss the various topics and activities during the week.


Sunday morning was an early morning for me. I’m used to sleeping in that day of the week! But we headed for Lambert Airport at 6AM. As it was early on a Sunday morning, the airport was not real busy so I was able to get through security relatively quickly and had about 90 minutes to kill before my flight. It made a great time to get some reading done for class! The two-hour flight also made a great time to read as well. When we landed, I met up with Scott (my brother-in-law) and he took me back to the apartment before he had to go to work. Now here I was in Tampa, FL sitting at the apartment by myself with nothing to do and nowhere to be. It was a warm day (90ish) but it looked like a great time to head out to explore campus! The majority of my program is done online so this was the first time I’ve been to Tampa and first time at USF. First building I found was the Morsani Center for Advanced Medicine. MorsaniThis is where the faculty offices and medical clinics are located. USF Health is a leader in healthcare throughout the region, country, and the world. Then I found the office building where our classes would be located. I was surprised to find the building was technically “offcampus” and in a building that housed several separate clinics. Walking down the halls you would expect college classes to be located there. Next, my walk took me to the athletic facilities. Think about it.. I’m in athletics; I found the building I needed and then it was time to head for the athletic complex, right?

Monday morning came early as we were schedule to start at 8AM. Remember, I jumped ahead an hour so 8AM was really 7 for me. And I didn’t know how long it would take for me to walk to the building so I had to leave the apartment with time to spare. We all came into the classroom and met in person for the first time. It was great to put names to faces and get to formally introduce ourselves to each other. Then we jumped right in! The morning consisted of student presentations and panel discussions. We discussed athletic trainers in high schools, entry-level Masters Degrees, specializations in athletic training, burnout, women in athletic training, and turf wars in the profession. We split for lunch and the local students were gracious enough to take some of us travelers to Panera for lunch. It was a time for more group bonding. J After lunch we had a few more USFHealthsignpresentations/panel discussions and then Dr. Lopez discussed our biggest project, the Capstone, which will be due next spring in order to graduate! Finally, we wrapped up the first day with the Vice Dean of the College of Medicine, Dr. Monroe. She spoke on the topic of Emotional Intelligence. She was a very soft-spoken individual but she was excellent! That would conclude day 1 of the on-campus class. By the time I got back to the apartment, my sister Michelle had gotten back from her weekend conference. That night we went out to dinner and grocery shopping.

Check back for the second part coming soon!


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