Senior Kettlebells

May 11, 2013

A couple of years ago I stumbled upon this thing called a kettlebell. For awhile, we didn’t actually own any in our gym but we used dumbbells as a pseudo-kettlebell. It worked for a little while, but eventually the company purchased the real thing. I used them as well as a couple of co-workers, but really they just sat there. Our members didn’t know what they were and so they sat collecting dust in the corner. I also own one and it sits at home next to my bedroom door. I started using them on my own really as a hobby. They were just a part of my exercise routine.

Earlier this year I was tasked with starting a group class at work. I was given the recommendation of starting a kettlebell class, but I hesitated for a long time. That’s not really my cup of tea and the population in our facility is what most would consider to be outside the age to be swinging ‘bells around. But I finally got the signs posted and the first person to ask me about it was a 78 year old gentleman. I figured I have to start somewhere so let’s see where this takes us. Now my class is comprised of between 1-4 members all over the age of 60. We meet twice a week and we go for about 40-50 minutes. It definitely is a change in pace for them and they are getting the benefits that they weren’t expecting.kettlebell

We start light and with simple movements and as we warm up we begin to incorporate more full-body movements. We’ve incorporated the swing, goblet squats, deadlifts, and farmers’ walks into the workout. As one of them put it, this is “definitely a different workout than the treadmill.” And it really is. I had full intentions of one thing with this class, but I’ve made the adjustment to this group. It can be done. This group can safely swing the kettlebell and do other activities. You aren’t “too old” for it simply because of a number.

I hope my class continues to grow. In the space that we have, I can’t take on too many more but if it continues to pick up interest I may eventually have to add another class. Not only are they getting a good workout, but they are having fun. And I’m having fun too J


One Response to “Senior Kettlebells”

  1. TNT Man Says:

    Thumbs up! I started working out again after a long – long lapse at the age of 62. Now I’m 68 heading on —- well just heading on. My work out is only with free weights, cables and some kettlebells. Age is just a number.

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