Show&Go Workout: Time to Get After It!

April 3, 2013

It’s been said that healthcare professionals are often the worst patients. And we don’t always do what is best for us simply because you know we’re like invincible or something. We all know that we should workout but we put so many things ahead of our own workouts that it just doesn’t happen.

I found that I had gotten into a significant rut regarding my own workouts. I just never felt like really working out even though I always felt better after a really good one. I was just always so drained from working all day and I start way too early in the morning to do it before work! For this reason, I finally broke down and purchased Eric Cressey’s Show&Go program.

I chose to go with the three-day program because I think it’s best that I get three good workouts in each week instead of trying to stretch 4 mediocre workouts in. If I can hit some of the supplemental work on those off days, then I will do so. But right now I’m hoping three workouts a week will help me make improvements!

So far I’ve completed the first two days. The first day it felt great to get back at it! I think it had been nearly a week since I had worked out so an extended workout was warranted. And I most definitely knew I had worked out when I woke up the next morning as my glutes and hammies were on fire! Today I completed day 2 and was able to get in and out in 50 minutes. That is an efficient workout!

Over the next 16 weeks I plan to attack this workout with a vengeance. I will try to write about it each week or maybe every two weeks. Here’s to great workouts in the next 16 weeks!


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