RGIII: My thoughts

January 9, 2013

I’m sure everyone and anyone has had thoughts over the last few days about RGIII’s injury Sunday evening. Many people have been quick to criticize Mike Shanahan while others have criticized Dr. Andrews. Each of them has also participated in playing the blame-game. There have been plenty of jokes on Twitter and Facebook. ESPN has reported that RGIII has a torn ACL and LCL. Many of us know that the ACL is located at the front of the knee and when it’s torn, surgery is often required in order for continued athletic participation. The LCL is less-known, but it is located on the outside of the knee and is involved in rotary stability. Structural anatomy would say that it would be injured with a varus force, but this is not often an isolated injury because the other leg would block that! ESPN is also reporting that he will have surgery today performed by Dr. Andrews to repair his ACL and LCL.

RGIII has a previous history of ACL injury on that leg. He tore that ACL in 2009 while he played at Baylor University. He had surgery at that time so this time he had a revision surgery done. Expected recovery time seems to be all over the place. There are those who are saying 6-8 months and then there are others who are saying 12-15 months. I tend to be more on the 12+ month side myself.


I think the Redskins are really getting an unfair shake with this whole thing. As an athletic trainer, personally I’m just about terrified anytime I send somebody back into full activity. And my athletes don’t make millions of dollars. Everybody is criticizing the head coach, criticizing the doctor, etc. And really I don’t find this all that different than allowing a kid to play after an injury. If he passed functional testing and strength testing, then why stop him?


I think everybody has blown this out of proportion simply because RGIII is a rookie and a great player obviously. But does anybody remember who else tore his ACL in this game???


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