Sports Medicine Team: Team Physicians

December 9, 2012

I consider sports medicine to be very much a team activity and to provide superior sports medicine, there must be a team of professionals in place to make it happen. In this post, I will address those professionals that I consider crucial for a high school sports medicine team. I will post both the “ideal roles” as well as more realistic roles.


I would consider the team physician to be the next most important member of the sports medicine team. He or she provides medical oversight for the team and his or her role may vary depending on the circumstances. In my case, I have two team physicians who are both primary care physicians. They are involved mostly in the administration of pre-participation exams and for varsity football games. These physicians could have a large variety of experience and training. It’s great to have team physicians with a sports medicine background. I would imagine at the high school level, these team physicians will often be primary care physicians or possibly pediatricians. They can also be great from a standpoint of dealing with many general medicine conditions.

I think the “ideal” situation would be for the team physician to make trips into the athletic training room on a weekly basis as well as providing coverage for some of the collision sports. I especially believe it is important to have a team physician available on Friday nights with varsity football. That’s one thing I am very lucky about: I normally have two physicians with me on the sidelines. It is extra support available in case I need it!


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