Going to Rehab: Here’s to You Athletic Trainer

August 31, 2012

Making its second appearance on the blog, I’m bringing back “Going to Rehab.” This will allow me to talk about anything sports medicine (as if I don’t anyway!). These are more issues that I see in athletic training and how it pertains to everyday athletic healthcare.

Cue the Budweiser theme song…

Here’s to you Athletic Trainer. Without your undying commitment, your athletes would find themselves swollen, achy, and dehydrated. Sure, most people get pleasure with a job well done, but no one boasts a wrinkle free tape job like you do. You hold your head high while sporting a fanny pack past the year of 1988. For you, 15 seconds of fame is when the camera lands on you standing behind your star athlete, because you know behind every great athlete is a great athletic trainer. So crack open an ice cold bottle of Gatorade, oh injury preventer-er, care taker of-er, and remember, you put the I.C.E in R.I.C.E


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