Anticipation of Beginning School

August 2, 2012

Many people talk about starting school whether it’s your kid’s first day of kindergarten or first day of high school, or a kid’s first day of college. Regardless, there is the anticipation and build-up to that and lots of emotions involved as well. And I’m experiencing that right now. I’ve mentioned before that I’m starting graduate school in September and really September cannot come soon enough! I made my decision way back in April. I will be pursuing my Masters in Medical Sciences: Athletic Training Concentration through the University of South Florida.

I’ve been anxious since that time and I’m really excited to get started. I have talked to a current USF student and I had the opportunity to meet some of the staff and faculty in June at the NATA Convention. That was great because I had corresponded via email with two of them exclusively so to be able to put a face to names was important.

I have talked to a handful of people who are getting ready to start another semester of college or maybe they’re a high school student getting ready to start another school year. They don’t seem to be too excited. Meanwhile, now that I’ve taken an 18-month hiatus I can’t wait to start classes again!

This program is mostly online so it’s not a new location or anything like that which has me so amped up. It’s simply getting to start learning again! Digging into the textbooks and getting the information. I really believe taking that hiatus is exactly what I needed. I know that when I graduated from SEMO, I was not at all interested in more class. I was burnt out. But now I’m chomping at the bit ready to go again!

Let it come! Bring on the grad school! Let’s go Bulls!


One Response to “Anticipation of Beginning School”

  1. TNT Man Says:

    Go For It!

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