Quote of the Week: Athletic Training 4

March 25, 2012

This week’s Quote of the Week is athletic training related. In case you are unaware, March is National Athletic Training Month. Each weekly quote will be related to athletic training this month…

“The (Athletic) Trainer”

A critical role in athletics I do play Without me there would be no game today
Beyond medicine, I find that I am the jack-of-all-trades
I can’t even count all the ice coolers and med kits I’ve made

I’ve cleaned the press box and the locker room floor
I’ve straightened up benches and locked every door
To the coaches, I’m someone to who they can blow off steam
For I know the athletes and parents understand what they mean

I’ve seen my budget grow and I’ve seen it shrink
I’ve learned how to be creative, resourceful and on my toes I think
I’ve sat the A.D. down to explain the difference between deluxe and cheap
I’ve shown him how one won’t protect and after a lawsuit he would weep

If I could duplicate myself then life would be great
Instead I run from event to event and am always late
For the line to tape wrists and ankles is always so long
Combined with new ailments and explanations of what’s wrong

Finally into my golf cart I do jump
After my heavy bags into the back I did dump
And I do a lap around to each and every field
People jump out of my way because they know I won’t yield

Like superman I can make it from soccer to football in a single leap
Ready to check out the injury and make them not weep
From years of practice I can tell when an injury is real
I know every muscle and bone and exactly where to feel

And I’ve found magical words to help them calm down
As they recover from their shock a smile can be found
For sometimes an injury is more a matter of pride
It gives them a few seconds to gather their thoughts inside

Often they need their shoulder patted and to be told it’s O.K.
They just need reassurance that they can continue to play
For some they just want to know that someone does care
My door is always open and they know I’m always there

And there are times when their body is screaming to take a break
It gets to the point where it quits and says no more can I take
Then there are the injuries that happen clear out of the blue
I must be careful with everything that I do

In a few seconds I must decide if they can stay in the game
I must focus on the athlete so in the long run they are not lame
Under the hot lights I must block everything out
The coaches, the parents, and the fans that do shout

I ignore the score and after deep thought make my judgment call
I see anger in the player’s eyes and from my shoulders let it fall
And for a week on the bench they will have a seat
I stand firm in my decision even if the team must see defeat

For it is the game of life that I want them to always play
And sometimes that means you must sacrifice today
I laugh when someone says the extra money must be nice
For the endless hours here I spend, oh what a price

Yet I know I’m touching the future with all that I do
I’m helping people make their dreams come true
The real reason I do it comes from deep in my heart
For of something remarkable I do play a critical part

—Marguerite Murer


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