20 Things to Know about Athletic Trainers

March 20, 2012

On the 20th day of National Athletic Training Month, I thought I’d give you some facts about athletic trainers and the athletic training profession.

  1. There are over 39,000 Certified Athletic Trainers in the United States!
  2. Alaska and California are the only two states that do not require athletic training licensure or other registration with the state.
  3. Certified Athletic Trainers are found in a variety of settings including high schools, colleges, professional sports, youth sports, PT clinics, physician offices, military, law enforcement, fine arts, and theater.
  4. Athletic Trainers are healthcare providers.
  5. Athletic Trainers are trained in CPR and AED use.
  6. Athletic Trainers are required to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and to have passed a national certification exam.
  7. Over 70% of Certified Athletic Trainers possess a Masters Degree or higher.
  8. Athletic Trainers are required to complete 75 CEUs every 3 years to maintain certification (changing to 50 in 2 years in 2014)
  9. Athletic Trainers are part of the Sports Medicine Team which is made of a variety of healthcare professionals.
  10. Athletic Trainers are skilled in manual therapy as a part of their rehabilitation background.
  11. Athletic Trainers are leaders in concussion recognition and concussion management.
  12. March is National Athletic Training Month.
  13. Athletic Trainers specialize in the healthcare needs of the active population
  14. The National Athletic Trainers Association is based out of Dallas, TX.
  15. Athletic Trainers are recognized as allied health professionals by the American Medical Association and numerous other national organizations.
  16. Less than half of all high schools in the US provide their student-athletes access to a certified athletic trainer.
  17. Athletic Trainers handle administrative duties such as health forms, budgets, scheduling, and other tasks.
  18. Certified Athletic Trainers are responsible for the prevention, evaluation, and rehabilitation of orthopedic injuries.
  19. There are roughly 350 accredited athletic training education programs in the United States!
  20. Athletic Trainers save lives.


Every Athlete Deserves an Athletic Trainer


6 Responses to “20 Things to Know about Athletic Trainers”

  1. chezzhead Says:

    Thanks for this list & Happy Athletic Training Month !
    (from the Mom of a Certified Athletic Trainer)

  2. Yuki Sumi, ATC Says:

    I’m the one of certified athletic trainers(ATCs) and in Japan right now. I really understood what is the ATC, so far. And, I’d really recommend this should(must) be understood in everyone in this world which is not only ATCs but the others because this is related to existance as one of the jobs in this world. there is the only different thing between others. It is understanding other languages. people are rarely to do so because it takes a little bit time.
    Thank you, Mike Hopper amd the others related to it.

  3. […] You can read the similar piece published in March 2012 for National Athletic Training Month and more from Mike at https://mnhopper1s.wordpress.com/2012/03/20/20-things-to-know-about-athletic-trainers/. […]

  4. […] 20 Things to Know about Athletic Trainers | Athletic … – Mar 20, 2012 · On the 20th day of National Athletic Training Month, I thought I’d give you some facts about athletic trainers and the athletic training profession…. […]

  5. Sora Watson Says:

    Umm. . . . this is not right to say all this because I live In Alaska and we are required to have athletic trainers in it

    • What isn’t accurate? If you’re talking about the statement about California and Alaska not regulating AT, then you must recognize that this was posted in 2012. Alaska gained regulation in 2014 or 2015?

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