From Stroke Patient to College Basketball Player

February 16, 2012

As posted on Yahoo! Sports yesterday, a wonderful article about this young man’s recovery from a stroke as a freshman in college. Cory Weissman of Gettysburg College, now a senior, participated in Senior Day activities and made it back into the game of basketball. This man’s dreams were to play college basketball. After suffering a stroke, it seemed those dreams were shot but Weissman was determined to make his way back into the game.


On the same day Cory Weissman heard his name over the loudspeakers in lineup introductions, shed his warm-ups and entered a game for the first time in nearly three years, the Gettysburg College senior unexpectedly received the chance to reach another milestone.


One Response to “From Stroke Patient to College Basketball Player”

  1. Frank Camardo Jr Says:

    I just want to telll Cory to keep going.I’m 62 but had a horrific stroke when I was 49. I thought my lfe was over. But I kept going. I can’t run like Cory does or use my right arm but thats okay. Just tell Cory don’t give up.

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