Sunday HIIT Week 3

January 15, 2012

Tonight’s workout consisted of a variety of exercises including some Elliptical, some Pilates, strength training and lastly the High Intensity Interval Training.

-20 minutes on the elliptical doing an interval program.

-Graston Technique on my left ankle -Pilates for about 10 minutes

-Various mini-band walks

Supersets 4×8 each

-Dumbbell Bench Press

-Lat Pulldown


-KB Walking Lunges

-Leg Press



-KB Swings 20 seconds on; 10 seconds off. 8x

Ended up with 90 swings total.


One Response to “Sunday HIIT Week 3”

  1. Derek Says:

    I been trying to get into HIIT training this year and I was just wondering your take on the repitition form? Do you recommend repping fast with all your effort to feel like you’ve worked harder, or is a slow-controlled motion more effective?

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