Evolving in Sports Rehab and Performance

January 15, 2012

I am an avid reader and most of what I read relates to athletic training and strength/conditioning. That’s why I have my blog here of courseJ. I have realized how little I knew previously even as I was going through college and how far I’ve come in the last year.

When I was in high school our school used the Bigger Faster Stronger weight program. They continue to use that same program today. I always felt that it was a great program and really believed that until the last few months. I have started to realize that it really is a cookie-cutter program that doesn’t help anybody with any kind of specific need.

Up until a few months ago, I thought I knew how to teach weight lifting. It was always pretty simple, right? If you know how to squat and can pick out what an athlete is doing incorrectly, then you just have to drive home the corrections and let them know they are doing it wrong.

I have been reading Gray Cook’s “Athletic Body in Balance” lately and it has really opened my eyes to a different way of weight lifting and teaching. Yes, knowing how to squat is important and we must work hard to teach it, but to do so we must also look at the complete movement and break it down. The squat is actually a fairly complex movement that we need to break down so we can build it back up for the full movement.

That is my goal over the next couple of months. Continue making that transition and learning how to break down a movement in order to build it better.


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