Exercise of the Week: Farmer’s Walk

December 26, 2011

This week’s edition comes the day after Christmas and I think many of you women out there already know this exercise well; you just didn’t realize it! I actually got asked a couple weeks ago by an athlete for some exercises for his forearms. He looked at me dumbfoundly when I handed him a kettlebell in each hand and told him to just start walking around the gym. This is a very simple exercise and one that will make you say, “huh?” If you don’t believe this works, I want you to try it!

Pick up the heaviest weight you can in one hand and walk around with it. Where do you feel it at? If you say you feel that in your hands, your wrists, and your forearms then you are spot-on! After only a brief time your arms will start to burn and you’ll want to ditch that weight! Keep moving with it.

Want to add even more fun? Grab two separate weights and walk around. I like to put a 50 pound KB in one hand and a 20 or 30 pound KB in the other. Now my body has to work to adjust for the unequal weight. Not only are the arms now burning, but so is the rest of my body.

And you females all thought you carried big purses for nothing! Now you can go tell your boyfriend, husband, whatever that you’re working out 😉

Of course we still won’t believe you.. 🙂


One Response to “Exercise of the Week: Farmer’s Walk”

  1. TNT Man Says:

    Great exercise. One variation – walk on the balls of your feet. Posture is critical. Yes – you do get “looks” when walking around the gym.

    TNT Man

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