Fitness Toys Galore

December 18, 2011

Working in multiple fitness centers allows me to see many different pieces of fitness equipment. Some of them are great while others aren’t worth the money it cost to ship them. I’m sure we’ve all seen the commercials for the Ab-Wheel and the Shake-Weight. While the Ab-Wheel may have a use (never tried it) I just have to shake my head thinking about the Shake-Weight. Somebody may come along and tell me that the Shake-Weights works great and all I’ll say is, “Have fun.”

Other “toys” in the gym could include the stability ball (under about 10 different names), the TRX Suspension Trainer, or the BOSU ball. Anybody who has read any of my exercise posts knows how much I love the TRX Suspension Trainer. Right now it gets combined with a kettlebell for the majority of my workouts. I don’t utilize the stability ball too often although there are many things that you can do with them. The BOSU ball is another interesting item in the gym that I definitely think has its place. Unfortunately I’m not sure that it is utilized correctly often enough.

I encourage fitness members to try new “toys” here in the gym all the time. They may not always be the best way to do a particular movement or exercise, but sometimes it adds to the fun. That is important to keep someone interested and coming to the gym.

Go out and try something new this week. You may find a new “toy” and that could be the difference in your new workout!


One Response to “Fitness Toys Galore”

  1. TNT Man Says:

    I use the Ab Wheel and like it as an alternative to planks. Now the Shake Weight is another thing. I did a post on that with links to the Consumer’s Reports video that appeared on 20/20. Her is the link:

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