Eric Cressey: 7 Reasons Baseball Pitchers Shouldn’t Do Year-Round Throwing Programs

December 4, 2011

Last week Eric Cressey posted two great posts about baseball pitchers. If you are unaware, Cressey is one of the premier strength and conditioning specialists specific to the game of baseball. He has been featured in Men’s Health, Yahoo! Sports, ESPN, and other national media. He runs Cressey Performance which emphasizes on athletes’ performance.

Many of our professional baseball players at Cressey Performance are starting up their winter throwing programs this week after a full three-month break from throwing.  They’re always a bit rusty in the first week of tossing after the layoff, but every single one of them always “figures it out” in a matter of a few weeks – and still has plenty of time to get in a solid throwing program prior to heading off to spring training.  And, because they’ve been working hard in the gym on their strength, mobility, and soft tissue quality, they’re always better off in the end.

That is the first paragraph in his initial blog post. Please check it out!

7 Reasons Baseball Pitchers Shouldn’t Do Year-Round Throwing Programs

Part One

Part Two



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