Why We Do What We Do

November 8, 2011

People often question why they may do the job they do. They wonder if it is really worth it. I’ve occasionally felt that way with regards to athletic training, but then one of those moments comes up where I’ve realized that Yes this profession is right for me and Yes I love what I do. One of these moments happened the other day and it was an awesome feeling.

I have been treating one of my athletes for the last couple of months. She has been through therapy and seen multiple physicians. Right now she has been wearing a brace for activities and seemed like she was constantly in pain. She visited me before games each week for ice and then normally came to get ice at halftime as well. I was so frustrated and trying anything and everything to help.

A couple weeks ago she came to the clinic almost in tears because while tumbling she heard a pop in her knee and she was hurting quite a bit. Throw rehab right out the window that night and deal with the pain instead. After a day or so, that pain was gone and she has gotten better since then. She’s been pain-free for probably close to 10 days. Last week I decided that we were going to quit rehab and see how things went with her doing home exercises.

She came into the clinic just beaming that  night. She couldn’t wait to show me a video on her phone. The video showed her tumbling at practice that she had just come from. She was so excited. Now I don’t know the first thing about tumbling or cheerleading for that matter, but that isn’t important. What’s important is she had accomplished her goal.

And I couldn’t be prouder..

I do what I do because it helps others achieve their goals.


2 Responses to “Why We Do What We Do”

  1. TNT Man Says:

    Well Done.

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