Going to Rehab: Continuing Education

November 3, 2011

Athletic Trainers, along with many healthcare professionals, must keep up-to-date and stay current with new research and new techniques. In this post, I’ll discuss the requirements of the Certified Athletic Trainer and how all of these athletic trainers maintain their certification along with their state licenses where applicable.

The Board of Certification for Athletic Trainers (BOC) requires one to complete 75 continuing education units in a specific 3-year period. This does not include CPR/AED which is also a requirement. For me, in the state of Illinois, I must complete 40 continuing education units in their specific 2-year period. Of course, these do not line up but that’s the way it goes. The way I see it: I’m always learning so sometimes it will just be a matter of making sure they all get reported! I don’t expect to have a problem getting 25 CEUs each year. The BOC is actually in the process of changing their reporting requirements and starting in 2014 they will move to 50 CEUs in a 2-year reporting period. We’ll see how that matches up with the states..

So what do these professionals do to get the CEUs needed?

1) Conferences

2) Online Seminars

3) Reading Books

4) Additional Credentials

5) Additional Degrees


6 Responses to “Going to Rehab: Continuing Education”

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  4. QUEST Seminars Says:

    CEUs are so important. Just so you know all QUEST Seminars courses are NATA approved!! Check out our blog and our upcoming courses!

  5. TNT Man Says:

    Continuing Ed credits can be a PIA to accumulate, keep track of and pay for. So many times I spend 6+ hours trying not to fall asleep – but if I walk away with just one usable tid bit – it was worth it.

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