Preventing ACL Injuries

October 25, 2011

Anterior Cruciate Ligament(ACL) injuries are common in female athletes. It is said that females suffer torn ACLs at a rate of 4-6 times more often than their male counterparts. The question remains: Is there any way to prevent these injuries and if so, what needs to be done?

The first answer is ABSOLUTELY. Nobody is making the girls play a sport. If they don’t play a sport, then they can definitely limit the chances of suffering a knee injury. But that doesn’t sound like a very fun idea, does it?

That first paragraph, while true, is definitely something that is not the answer for many.


On a more serious note, I do believe that we can work to prevent ACL injuries. Obviously, like all other injuries, none of them can be prevented 100% without referring to the above paragraph. I have discussed reasons for ACL injuries in the female athlete before so now let’s discuss how we can work to reduce the risk of injury.

1) Females utilize their quadriceps more than their hamstrings to restrain the anterior translation of the tibia. One solution to this is to re-train the hamstrings so that they are stronger and fire sooner. Hamstring curls, depth jumps, and strengthening the glutes are all ways to help. I would utilize the TRX Suspension Trainer for numerous exercises here. You can find many of them elsewhere on my blog as I have discussed many TRX exercises before.

2) Knee valgus landing. Depth jumps, strengthening the abductors and adductors along with the glutes are important here. Unfortunately in this case, the body is set up for failure with regards to knee injuries and stability. We just have to do everything we can to help the muscles control the skeletal system. Squats and lunges are also important, but more important than anything is making sure that the athlete tracks the knees correctly and preventing that valgus movement.



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