Strength and Conditioning

September 26, 2011

Many people have their thoughts of the job of the strength and conditioning coach. Most people think it is to simply make an athlete stronger, faster, and a better athlete. What most people don’t realize is there is much more involved than that. In fact, I’d even say that those three things are not priorities with most strength and conditioning specialists.

Injury Prevention

The first priority is injury prevention. Really, if an athlete is injured it doesn’t matter how strong or fast he or she is. If you’re injured, you can’t perform. Injury prevention encompasses several different components including building strength, agility and quickness but also determining more efficient ways to move. Mobility and stability are also crucial components of injury prevention. If an athlete is moving incorrectly, that can predispose him or her to injury. For example, if an athlete lands with the knees in a forward position, it sets them up to possible ACL injury.

Performance Enhancement

This component is one that I think it pretty self-explanatory. This is the reason most people go to the gym or workout with a strenth coach in the first place. Obviously the strength and conditioning coach (hopefully) will be able to help the athlete reach his or her peak performance through strength development, and speed and agility activities.

Confidence Builder

I think this is another component that people don’t recognize about the weight room. It is a great place to conquer fear and also build confidence. In the weight room, it is all about the individual. You are competing against yourself here and trying to beat your numbers. Nobody else’s numbers matter here. This allows you to build confidence as you continue to get stronger and improve your personal records.

I hope you see now why you do strength and conditioning. It’s not all about seeing how strong you are or how fast you are. You want to build muscle and get quicker, but also you want to improve your body so you stay healthy!


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