Soccer Injuries in Female Youth Players: Comparison of Injury Surveillance by Certified Athletic Trainers and Internet

September 4, 2011

This study was conducted to compare the accuracy of injury reporting by athletic trainers and through parent surveys. Soccer is one of the leading sports in the world and one of the most common causes for sports injury in youth athletes. There is not a lot of research available for this age group because these teams and leagues often do not have the medical personnel available to address the injuries involved.

The first thing this group did was to collect injury information via a parent survey conducted on the internet. The parents were required to respond to the survey each week and were contacted if they did not complete the survey. They could not edit the information once it was submitted and they could not do multiple weeks at one time.

Next the group sent athletic trainers out to practice with each team once a week. There the athletic trainers collected injury information and evaluated injuries.

This group defined an acute injury is a new, sudden-onset injury resulting from participation in club soccer that led to missing time in club soccer. An overuse injury was defined as the development of new onset of pain in a specific body region that persisted for 2 week or more and did not result from an acute event.

Results found that forwards were more likely to suffer both acute and overuse injuries than the defense and mid-fielders. Athletes with overuse injuries were also most often younger athletes.

The information collected by both groups in this study show that athletes in this age group have a significant risk of injury and should be involved in future studies to determine injury rates and develop further injury prevention techniques.

The study also found that both the athletic trainers reporting and the parents reporting these injuries led to similar results.


3 Responses to “Soccer Injuries in Female Youth Players: Comparison of Injury Surveillance by Certified Athletic Trainers and Internet”

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  2. Michelle Shannon Says:

    Any opinion on the omission of stretching LE during soccer training in young athletes? Think this increases likelihood of injuries in soccer players?

  3. Well I think stretching is important to a degree. If we stretch incorrectly or too aggressively, we can cause more harm than good. But every athlete should be doing some sort of dynamic warm up before an activity.

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