Reason #8 Your School Needs an Athletic Trainer

August 17, 2011

8. Athletic trainers are a team player; working in conjunction with other medical professionals and athletic personnel.

Athletic Trainers recognize that they are not the only medical professional important in the “sports medicine team.” The Sports Medicine Team includes the Athletic Trainer, Physical Therapists, Team Physician, Orthopedic Surgeons, and other specialists. It can also include Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Nutritionists, and other personnel important for the well-being of the athlete.

One job that I think is important for the Athletic Trainer to recognize is that we sometimes are the “gatekeeper” to the healthcare world for an athlete. In the college and professional setting, Athletic Trainers see their athletes almost daily and can assist their athletes with routine follow ups with physicians and such. That network that makes up the sports medicine team can really help an athlete and their team. Athletic Trainers must know when it’s time to send an athlete on to a physician or maybe when a rehabilitation project is not something that Athletic Trainer can handle and it’s time to send the patient to a Physical Therapist.

On the sidelines an Athletic Trainer must also work with other medical professionals. In case of emergency, that team is going to also include emergency medical technicians who may be needed for life-saving measures.

Everybody must be willing to work together and provide the best care possible for that athlete/patient.

Every Athlete Deserves an Athletic Trainer.


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