Reason #7 Your School Needs an Athletic Trainer

August 16, 2011

7. Athletic trainers are nationally certified and regulated by most states.

With few exceptions, an athletic trainer must be certified by the Board of Certfication for Athletic Trainers. One exception to that is in the State of Texas where you can be a Licensed Athletic Trainer without taking the BOC Exam. According to the BOC website, 5 states require state certification, 4 states require registration, 1 state requires an exemption, and 2 states have no regulation. The other 38 require licensure by the state.

The requirements to maintain the state requirements and national certification vary by state. The BOC requires an athletic trainer to maintain CPR certification and complete 75 continuing education units in a 3-year reporting period. States have their own requirements such as Illinois which requires 20 CEUs in a 2-year period. CEUs can be earned through a variety of ways including home-study courses, webinars, professional conferences, and additional college education.

The BOC Website:

Every Athlete Deserves an Athletic Trainer.


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