Reason #5 Your School Needs an Athletic Trainer

August 14, 2011

5. Athletic trainers have hundreds of hours of related experience before they ever step foot into a full-time job.

Athletic Trainers are required to graduate from an accredited Athletic Training Education Program. Each program is required to be a minimum of 4 consecutive semesters and there are many compentencies that must be learned in that time. Students spend time both in the classroom and in a clinical setting learning athletic training skills and knowledge. I recently graduated (December 2010) and accumulated almost 2000 hours in a clinical setting over the previous 2.5 years. That included clinical rotations with college football, college track and field, college gymnastics, college soccer, physical therapy clinic, student health, emergency room, surgery, and a high school rotation. In addition, I spent the 2009 summer doing an internship in professional baseball and the 2010 summer interning at the Unversity of Wisconsin-Whitewater working camp health. Those experiences were very important to my learning experience and I feel like the clinical assignments were where I learned the most.

Internships are not a requirement, but many athletic training students try to do at least one. The hands-on experience is vital and it’s also a great way to network.

Athletic Trainers, like many healthcare fields, require significant amounts of related experience prior to being “on your own.”


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