Top 5: Baseball Player

August 12, 2011

Baseball people have always believed that weight lifting was bad for a baseball player. This topic is still one today that many struggle with because they just don’t want to give up the idea as bad as it may be.

1) Hang Clean (seeing a theme here?)

Check out my Exercise of the Week post. Absolutely crucial in my eyes.

2) Dumbbell Bench Press

Arm strength is important and I would consider bench press to be a part of that. Doing bench press, however, is considered a no-no in the baseball world. Using dumbbells is the typical substitute. I actually prefer dumbbells over the barbell for bench press anyway.

3) Y, T, W, L Shoulder Exercises

Scapular stabilizer exercises here. You are going to use a bench or a treatment table and lay on your stomach. Your arms will make the shapes of these letters. I’ll show a video of this, but I don’t do it for time like they mention. Instead, repetitions with holding for 2-3 seconds maybe. Also, as a clnician, I will stick my hand right on the spine when a patient does these exercises and have them visualize trying to squeeze my hand with their shoulder blades.

4) Forearm Exercises

Wrist curls, wrist extension, supinations, pronations. Just various small-weight exercises here to gain some forearm strength. You don’t need a lot of weight because these are relatively small muscles you’re working with here.

5) Agility Ladder

Find you a good book on these. Footwork is important and actually I’d say it’s crucial you spend some time doing agilities. Lots of information out there for agility ladder movements.


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