Reason #3 Your School Needs an Athletic Trainer

August 12, 2011

3. Athletic trainers are one of the best-educated professionals to recognize and manage concussions.

Athletic Trainers spend more time with their athletes/patients than most healthcare professionals. This relationship is important for concussion evaluation because much of the evaluation is based on the symptoms that an athlete reports. Also, just knowing how an athlete normally acts is important to the evaluation as well. Athletic Trainers are well-versed in the management of concussions. Some medical professionals view a concussion as a “wait a week and return to activity” injury and that couldn’t be further from the truth! There is a standard Return to Play protocol that most Athletic Trainers use after an athlete is symptom-free.

Concussions are a brain injury and they are a functional injury. It is important to focus an evaluation of a head injury to listen for symptoms and observe the signs an athlete is displaying. Knowing the athlete is also an important part of the evaluation.

Every Athlete Deserves an Athletic Trainer.


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