Top 5: Football Player

August 5, 2011

I could really take this population and split it into numerous groups, but I’m going to keep it to just one for the sake of this blog. If you’re looking for something specific, feel free to hit me up and ask away!

1) Hang Clean

I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll say it again. Hang Clean or an alternative is ESSENTIAL for an athlete to perform. This is one exercise I would include for everybody because it’s just that important IMO. Triple extension, jumping, explosiveness, and full-body. You get all of that in this one exercise. Can’t beat that!

2) Back Squat

There are many in the strength and conditioning field who have moved on and no longer utilize the back squat. I think this is still an excellent exercise to develop overall lower extremity strength. This can develop pure strength. One argument against the back squat is that athletes don’t perform with both feet planted and I agree, but this is still important for pure strength. I’m not sure of one exercise that can develop that strength the same way.

3) Agility Ladder

No matter the position, a football player has to have quick feet. Have to be agile and ready to move. The agility ladder is a great tool for developing this agility and it’s also a great cardiovascular workout! I can’t really name only a couple of exercises to do here; you’ll just have to look around and find what works for you. There are literally hundreds of things you can do with this.

4) Bench Press

Here’s another exercise that has taken it’s share of criticism over the last few years. I still think it is a great way to develop pure upper extremity strength. It’s consider a “push” exercise and having that ability to push is crucial in football. Whether you’re a lineman trying to block a defender or you’re a running back using a stiff arm, being able to push is important.

5) Kettlebell Swing

Last, but not least, the kettlebell swing. Yes I truly LOVE this exercise. Along with the Clean, this exercise is a MUST HAVE for an athlete. It is great at working the hip drive which is important during tackling and blocking. This exercise can also be used for both strength building and a cardiovascular workout.


One Response to “Top 5: Football Player”

  1. Derek Says:

    I would like to add that, for all the football players out there using the agility ladder, carry a football while you do the exercise. Coaches always drilled this point into my head because, Yes, it is good to have quick feet, but it’s also important that you maintain good ball control.

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