Graston Technique

July 30, 2011

WOW. 8 hours of Continuing Education today. This guy is exhausted! This was my first extensive CEU course, but it was really good. There were 13 of us at the course today and I think we all learned a lot. Graston Technique is a manual therapy technique involving the use of stainless steel instruments. It is a very effective technique and one that I think I will use for a long time! I am not huge into a lot of manual therapy stuff, but I think using these instruments will help to change my thoughts on this. It’s a crucial part of the rehabilitation process. Today we covered all of the background information and then we started getting into lab work. Our labs today consisted of the knee and thigh, hamstrings, hip and pelvis, foot and lower leg, and the lumbothoracic spine. Tomorrow we will cover the upper extremities and the cervical spine.

I can already feel the soreness starting to kick in.. gonna have to grab an ice pack or two in a few minutes..


As an athletic trainer, we are required to maintain certification and licensureĀ  by pursuing continuing education units. The Board of Certification requires 75 CEUs over a three year period while the State of Illinois requires 20 CEUs over a two year period. Since getting certified and licensed in January of 2011, I have completed 6 CEUs and will add 12 more with the conclusion of this course tomorrow.


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