Top 5: The General Athlete

July 29, 2011

Really up through high school, I don’t believe in athletes specializing. I would prefer to see more 3-sport athletes and so I train high school athletes in a way that they are going to be ready for just about any sport rather than performing all sport-specific activities that will limit their ability to play multiple sports. This first week, I will hit on 5 exercises I believe ANY athlete should be doing:

1) The Hang Clean

Power, explosiveness, full body: the keys to the hang clean and the keys to athletics. The hang clean is an Olympic lift that requires special instruction. It’s not one I would suggest an athlete try to just start doing on their own. I love this exercise because it truly works every joint in your body!

2) The Kettlebell Swing

You know my thoughts on the kettlebell swing. Another excellent exercise that works multiple joints and a major hip exercise. Check out some of my previous posts on the swings!

3) Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat

This is an exercise that goes under multiple names. Mike Boyle refers to it as the Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat or RFESS. I have referred to it previously as the Bulgarian Split Squats. I use a 20″ plyo box to elevate my back foot and squat using my glutes on the front leg to propel myself back up. This is an excellent exercise for not only strength, but also balance. Single leg exercises are important for athletes because very little in athletics are done with both feet on the ground.

4) Box Jump

High intensity so beware. But many people look at the vertical jump as a very important component of “athleticism” and this is one way to work on that.

5) TRX Lunge

I think all there is to say here is this: Have you seen my previous blog this week?


I consider each of these five exercises important to an athlete. Find you a good coach to teach you and away you go!


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