TRX Suspension Trainer

July 23, 2011

There’s always something new in fitness and it’s always the biggest craze. I can’t say that this is a new item on the market, but it’s definitely a craze and frankly I love it!

The TRX Suspension Trainer was created by a former Navy SEAL and is intended to be a portable piece of equipment that can do just about anything! It is small and lightweight making it easy to toss into your bag for travel or you can quickly stow it out of the way in the gym.

In our facilities, we use these things all the time and we keep adding to it. In our Freeburg location, the TRX system is an important part of the rehab program for many of our athletes and many of our orthopedic patients in general. We keep the TRX suspended from the crossbar of our cable crossover machine and have it ready to go in a moment’s notice. We also have fitness members who utilize it and occasionally it gets used with personal training clients. While we have had the straps in our Waterloo location, it has been a long time since they have been utilized until recently. I have been working hard to incorporate the TRX into rehabilitation with some of the athletes. One problem in our Waterloo facility is there is no ideal place to set it up. We have it on the Smith Machine currently, but have to move it to the crossbar of the cable crossover for some exercises.

The TRX has a learning curve to it, but I am bound to make it happen! I have only recently started exploring the TRX system and have started out with only a couple of basic exercises: squats, single leg squats, and chest press. Today a co-worker and I spent about an hour watching the demonstration video and playing around with some of the exercises. We’ve added several new exercises this afternoon and we’re going to spend some more time soon to master these exercises.

The TRX system is very much a bodyweight system and for some of the exercises you can easily adjust the difficulty by adjusting the angle you work at. If you want a great system that is easy to take with you and is something a little bit different than the normal gym routine, give this thing a try!

To learn more, check out their website


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