Are your goals SMART?

July 4, 2011

Are your goals SMART?

Specific rather than general
Measurable in quantity, quality, or results
Achievable within the challenge
Relevant/Result oriented
Time Bound

SPECIFIC: Is your goal specific instead of vague? Instead of a goal to lose weight, a goal to lose 5, 10, 15 lbs. during the Challenge would be better. When all is said and done, will you know whether you reached your goal?

MEASURABLE: Can you measure your progress from start to finish? Instead of increasing your bench press, increase your bench press 10% or xxlbs. more. You should have a way of measuring whether you were successful or not.

ACHIEVABLE: Is your goal achievable during the 52 days of the Challenge? Healthy weight loss is 1-2 lbs. per week. Thus, the maximum possible weight loss for the Challenge is approximately 15 lbs. This motivates you to improve or reach for attainable goals.

RELEVANT: Is it result oriented? Is your goal aligned with your other goals for the Challenge? What actions will you take to achieve your
goal? State what will be done to achieve the goal.

TIME BOUND: Is your goal time bound? Do you have a deadline? Have you accounted for competing time demands? Do you have a time line – deadline for your goal (naturally the end of the challenge)? Make sure you can account for travel, vacation, and other mitigating circumstances.

Common errors when creating goals:
1. Goals are set too high or too low,
2. Goals are not measurable or trackable,
3. Too many goals,
4. Too long or too short of time to complete the goal,
5. Focusing on goals which are not high impact.

Taken from The 52Day Challenge FAQs on the Men’s Health Forums.


2 Responses to “Are your goals SMART?”

  1. TNT Man Says:

    That information – so true – and so few people understand it.

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