Selectorized Machine Equipment

June 30, 2011

Companies have made millions over the years by selling this equipment and convincing people this was the best way to workout. For the females out there, Curves is a big center that runs off of circuit training where the participants move from machine to machine presumably working each body part individually. Many other gyms and fitness centers use similar programs for their members.

These pieces of equipment are the standard when it comes to opening up a fitness facility. You had better have cardio equipment (ellipticals, treadmills, bikes, etc) and lots of machines. You know a gym is of little value if it doesn’t have the machines. Must-haves include the leg press, the leg curl, and the leg extension machines. Let’s not forget the all-so-important biceps curl machine and the hip adductor and hip abductor machines! You realize that sweating is definitely an optional thing in this gym and is gross.

It is time the fitness world eliminate this junk. The problem is obviously the money spent on the equipment and the consumers who are convinced they are a must. Also, people in the medical fields who still believe these machines are “safe” and the elderly should only be using this type of resistance training.

Somebody please let me know what you do in life that has you sitting down and moving one joint at a time? What things in life have you moving in a single plane of motion? Isn’t the point of fitness to improve your life?

One Response to “Selectorized Machine Equipment”

  1. […] for athletes and general exercisers alike. As I have mentioned in the past, I am not an advocate of selectorized weight machines. This may, at times, make it a little more difficult for me to post about exercises that everybody […]

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