If It’s Important, Do it Every Day

June 29, 2011

Dan John, in his book “Never Let Go” mentioned this quote at least a couple of different times. Simple, yet such an interesting concept. He
goes on to say that if it’s not important, then don’t do it at all.

If we think outside of exercise, this rings true every day, doesn’t it? Is going to work important? If eating important? Is spending time with friends and/or family important?

But since I like to talk exercise, I’m going to stick to exercise. There’s not a day goes by that I don’t pick up the kettlebell while I’m in the gym. I may not pick one up every day, but every day I go into the gym I do. So how do you make it work to do the same things day in and day out? Don’t the experts say you’re supposed to mix things up so as to allow your muscles to recover in between workouts?

First of all, you should know I don’t believe the NONSENSE that has taken over fitness in America. That NONSENSE I am referring to requires the use of big (and expensive!) machines to move one joint at a time. I don’t believe in the NONSENSE that is working the “upper body” today and the “lower body” tomorrow. I want to get after it when it comes to a workout and I am going to do one of two things: Full-body exercises such as the Hang Clean or alternate exercises such as tonight I did TRX Single Leg Squats and alternated with TRX Y’s using my shoulders and upper back.

Second, Dan John never said anything about going heavy every day. He just says to do the movements every day. Throw them into your warm up on your “off days” maybe. Maybe kick the habit of the “body part” workouts and use less weight to do full-body movements.

So if it’s important, do it every day. If it’s not important, forget it and move on.

3 Responses to “If It’s Important, Do it Every Day”

  1. I love your post! You are so right!!! I am going to remember that…if it’s important do it every day…if not..forget it!

    What weight workouts do you like the best? I get bored easily and try to mix it up with different programs…always looking for something new!


  2. I love kettlebell exercises and barbell movements. Plenty of dumbbells too. Squats are an everyday thing in addition to my kettlebell swings. The only machine I use at the gym is the lat pulldown. Other than that, it’s all free weights.

  3. TNT Man Says:

    I spent years buying into the Nautilus Circuit concept when it first came out. Set the weight to be able to do no less than 8 and no more than 12. Do one set and move on to the next machine. Got great results – as far as they went. Just not really functional muscles.

    I now do only free weights, body weight exercises and some cables. My body has benefited.

    Good Post

    TNT Man

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