High Intensity Interval Training

June 18, 2011

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is not new. It’s been around for some time, but I think it is starting to make a come-back once again. Many people think that HIIT is not for them because they are not athletic. They would rather just do regular cardio for a long period of time and that’s what is going to help them lose weight. Research is starting to show that is not the case. Instead, research is leading toward HIIT as an excellent way to lose weight. Although I have not personally seen the weight loss due to HIIT, I do believe in this form of exercise as being one of the best workouts available!

CrossFit has numerous workouts that would probably fall into HIIT, but I am trying to quit calling them the same. I have been doing a variety of HIIT workouts over the last few months. The best part about them for me is that they don’t take long at all! I can get in a workout in 15 minutes and see the benefits that others spend hours trying to get. More is not always better.

Example of HIIT

  • 30 Seconds Work; 30 Seconds Rest
  • Two Exercises: For me I normally do Kettlebell Swings and Box Jumps
  • Do as many reps in each 30 seconds of work of one exercise
  • Alternate exercises
  • Do 4-8 minutes at a time

This is an excellent workout! I try to wear a heart rate monitor when I do these workouts, but they’re not mandatory. I have seen my heart rate as high as 195 BPM and then drop down to around 150 BPM during these workouts. This requires your body to constantly adjust.

Some people use these workouts as their only workout for a given day. I try to do these as “Metabolic Finishers” where this is the last thing I do for the day. I do my strength training for the day and then do this workout to finish off. I’m exhausted at the end.

Give it a try. You can use any exercises you want really, but go at it hard! Work hard during the work sets and rest during the rest sets. If you have a heart rate monitor, wear one and you can also see the drastic changes.

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